GAMECHANGER: Michigan Court Of Appeals Just CRUSHED Hillary Clinton – 3%

GAMECHANGER: Michigan Court Of Appeals Just CRUSHED Hillary Clinton

Perhaps truth and justice are not dead after all…

The Clintons, through thick and thin, have always behaved like Clintons. Hillary conceded to President-Elect Donald Trump, but when Jill Stein suspiciously started raising money for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Hillary got in on the act, with her lawyers announcing her support for the efforts.

The recount is underway in Wisconsin, though it appears that Trump is actually gaining a few votes.

On Saturday, Jill Stein cancelled her recount petition in Pennsylvania, but then requested that the federal courts mandate a state-wide recount.

Unfortunately, for Jill Stein, and especially for Hillary Clinton, a Michigan Court of Appeals put a stop to this nonsense. The Court, rightfully so, says that Jill Stein “is not an aggrieved candidate.” She got less than 1% of the overall vote, so the decision makes sense.

With Wisconsin trending Trump, again, and Pennsylvania in flux, Hillary is in trouble, again.

None of it matters without all three states, and with Michigan off the table. the ship is sunk.

What will George Soros and the Clintons do next? More paid protests?

Time will tell, but this time, there is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Donald Trump.


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