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Can You Spot These Snipers? Don’t Worry, We Will Give You The Answer, Eventually!

That is some of the most intense training I have ever seen!

Their traditions date back to 1664. They wear berets and are small in number: 7,500 active at this time with 750 reserves.

To become a Royal Marine Sniper, the ability to stalk while camouflage is paramount.

How many RM’s can you spot in this photo? Don’t worry, the answer is given below!


Here is how the Royal Marines describe their training:

The students must approach the target over the course of several hours without being seen by the observers who use binoculars and telescopes.  This usually involves a large amount of crawling.

Once the sniper is within a set range of the target ie 500m they set up their final firing position with their rifle on a tripod with a rice bag for stabilisation. They fire once. If the observers can not see them they get a walker to move within 10 metres of the sniper and then he will fire a second round.

If the observers can still not see the sniper the walker will put his hand on his head to see if the observers can pick him out. Following this the walker will check the snipers sight alignment and wind settings are correct and the observers will hold up a paddle with a symbol on it to check that the sniper can actually see them. The observer will ask what range estimation the sniper is declaring, and this must be correct.

If the sniper has passed all these tests he is then allowed to extract out of his position.  If he manages all of this successfully he scores maximum points.

So, here is the answer you were searching for from the photo above:


How about this one? How many Snipers are in the photo below?

4 or 5?




Just one!

How well did you do?


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