Glenn Beck Gives AMMUNITION to EXTREMISTS, Kellogg’s is “dividing the country”

Glenn Beck is on record as being no fan of Breitbart, but he spoke up in defense of the site over Kellogg’s decision to pull its ads from the site.

The announcement led to Breitbart pushing for a #DumpKelloggs boycott campaign that took off on Twitter.

Beck made it clear today that while he doesn’t agree with Breitbart on much, “For Kellogg’s to dismiss 45 million unique visitors in a month is a slam against all of us. All of a sudden 45 million people in a country of 330––that they’re unimportant? That they don’t have value?”

He said that he’s not standing with Breitbart “because I agree with them on everything, but specifically because I don’t.”

Beck declared that Kellogg’s is “dividing the country” and giving ammunition to extremists on both sides.

He said that the tone of discourse and engagement in this country––when it comes to anger on the left and the right––must change “or we’re going to destroy ourselves.”

Listen above, via The Glenn Beck Program.

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