[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Good Guy With A Gun -Vs- Rampaging Bad Guy With A Knife – 3%
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[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Good Guy With A Gun -Vs- Rampaging Bad Guy With A Knife

The man appeared in an instant, slashed a customer’s throat from behind, then ran for the store owner…

This killer was clearly deranged as he took out an innocent, unsuspecting customer from behind with a horrifying throat slash.

The store owner, Mr. Tuter, had been behind the counter, eating a sandwich, and he begged Kadri to stop as he turned the corner of the counter. Kadri slashed away, wounding Tuter’s legs and face in a graphic struggle.

Another customer entered the fray, trying to wrestle the knifeman away from Mr. Tuter. Kadri turned on the customer, chasing him around the store, knocking over food items, boxes, and displays. This chase proved to be a deadly mistake for Kadri, as it gave the wounded Mr. Tuter time to regroup and arm himself.

Tuter reached behind the counter and pulled out a gun, bringing rounds to bear accurately on Kadri, who quickly fell to the floor, taking a display of beer bottles with him.

It was an incredible display of marksmanship while wounded.

Watch the graphic video below for yourself:

What could each of these knife victims have done differently? Even with incredible situational awareness, the first man, who had his throat cut, was in a bad position. The knifeman ambushed him from behind for no reason whatsoever.

The second customer, who tried to help, actually brought about an end to the crime by getting involved. He allowed time for the owner to find his gun and take out the attacker.

Had the owner grabbed the gun more quickly, or even had it on his person, he may have avoided a few cuts himself.


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