Here Is Why You Should NEVER Let Your Tank Run This Low – 3%

Here Is Why You Should NEVER Let Your Tank Run This Low

Not only does it cost more, it could be dangerous! I had no idea! 

We have all been there. We notice the tank running low but then get distracted. After a few more miles, the Fuel Light comes on, and then we may continue to drive while we watch for cheaper gas.

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How many of us are guilty of this and then pay the price? A recent survey revealed that 827,000 driver’s each year ignore their car’s warning light and then run out of gas. Almost 1 million! 25% of drivers believe that they can go another 40 miles after the Fuel Light comes on. Surprisingly, 2 million people admit to driving with the light on almost constantly as they are hoping to find cheaper gas.

These habits are easy to form and maintain, but just how risky are they?

First of all, the fuel gauge is not always accurate. Experts say that it is truly more of an estimate than a statement of fact.

Even worse, did you know that allowing the level of gas to run low can damage your car?

Fuel in a car acts as a sort of coolant for the electric fuel-pump motor. When the fuel levels are low, the pump takes in air, which creates heat. Eventually, the fuel pump can wear prematurely and fail.

More costs and more potential breakdowns. You may as well keep more gas in the car!

Additionally, if there is dirt in the fuel tank, it could lead to blockage in the fuel filter. Another costly repair.

With road trip season coming up, do yourself a favor and keep more than 1/4 tank of gas in your car. Don’t risk running out of gas and being stuck on the side of the road and consider that you are likely saving money on costly repairs.

Who knew?



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