Hoping For A Big Payday, This Woman Has An Auction You Can ‘Wrap Your Hands Around’ – 3%

Hoping For A Big Payday, This Woman Has An Auction You Can ‘Wrap Your Hands Around’

A portion of the profits go to charity? Take my money!

Her name is Bailey Price. She is a beautiful blonde, a business woman, and a lover of tattoos.

If you choose to join Bailey’s internet auction, you have a chance, if you are the highest bidder, to choose anything in the world to have her tattoo on her bottom.

That is not all, however. The winner of the auction will receive a framed photograph of the design. Where do I sign up?


Bailey is from Wellington, New Zealand. The space on her backside has dimensions of 9cm x 9cm. All you have to do is visit Trade Me to join the auction. At this time, the highest bid is $2,990 AUD.


Here is what Bailey has to say about her proposal:

I’m a pretty wild girl so most people who know me wouldn’t be surprised that I’m offering the winner of this auction to have anything tattooed on my butt.

Obviously, tattoos are forever so who could say no to a life time of advertisement. I am also well known for mooning my butt in public, lol.

You may be waiting to bid on this auction for a vary of ideas: marriage proposal, business promotion, an artist wanting to share design or just because yolo.

10% of the winnings will go towards a charity of your choice.

The conditions are:
– The tattoo is allowed to be a size of 9cm x 9cm
– Only one 1 cheek (Either right or left)
– I will be getting the tattoo done at the place of my choice, but if the winner is in the wellington region they are welcome to come and watch 😉
– I will send a photo in frame of the final product for winner

Any questions feel free to ask 🙂

Are you planning to sign up? If so, you may have some questions for Bailey. Check the discussion that is going on over at her site.

Some chick did this same thing like 4 years ago. Calendar girls won the auction for around 12k ??

c**_ (41 41 positive feedback) 4:30 pm, Sun 4 Dec

A.  Yeah I heard about that, so I thought it was worth a shot to get out of all my debt hhaha 4:36 pm, Sun 4 Dec
(Questions marks were meant to be an emoji but got changed whoops haha. )

c**_ (41 41 positive feedback) 4:30 pm, Sun 4 Dec

A.  🙂 4:37 pm, Sun 4 Dec
If I wasn’t so broke I’d totally pay just to have like my name or like dick butt(google it, funny drawing) but hey good luck & consider giving to Amnesty if you could 😀

g*****t (5 5 positive feedback) 4:48 pm, Sun 4 Dec

A.  Haha thanks for your support! 9:35 pm, Thu 8 Dec
Good idea. Hope you get loads of cash and an awesome tattoo !!

m****n (1199 1199 positive feedback) 9:04 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  Thank you!!! I hope so too 🙂 9:36 pm, Thu 8 Dec
You are absolutely gorgeous hope you make thousands good luck!

s*******1 (207 207 positive feedback) 9:18 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  Thanks heaps!! 🙂 9:36 pm, Thu 8 Dec
Probably need more information on the space before I bid

r***0 (25 25 positive feedback) 9:35 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  What do you mean? 9:36 pm, Thu 8 Dec
Better photos and regularity of flashing so we know we’re getting good return on investment. No point bidding if you only flash once a month ;D

r***0 (25 25 positive feedback) 9:39 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  Haha I have to keep this auction appropriate… 9:40 pm, Thu 8 Dec
Only until someone else sees ;p

r***0 (25 25 positive feedback) 9:42 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  Ok 9:43 pm, Thu 8 Dec
Buy now?

r***0 (25 25 positive feedback) 9:57 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  What’s your offer? 9:57 pm, Thu 8 Dec
Depends on the debt…

r***0 (25 25 positive feedback) 9:59 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  Too much 10:06 pm, Thu 8 Dec
I have a company called “The Ultimate Man Cave”, sells pool tables and stuff. Would you be adverse to putting my company name on there?…

u*************e (111 111 positive feedback) 10:05 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  Well my ass is the ultimate man cave hahahah. So yeah totally all for it! 10:06 pm, Thu 8 Dec
I do billboards; any objections to having your bum nz wide in size big?

r***0 (25 25 positive feedback) 10:09 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  Hahahaha only for a good price ?????? 10:15 pm, Thu 8 Dec
Are there any other tattoos on there or is it a clean canvas?

g**f (11 11 positive feedback) 11:26 pm, Thu 8 Dec

A.  Clean canvas 4:05 am, Fri 9 Dec
I only opened this to check the photos of your butt

d******o (71 71 positive feedback) 1:21 am, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Lol 4:05 am, Fri 9 Dec
I’d bid if I could have “A Rock” tattooed on one cheek, and “A Hard Place” tattooed on the other 😉

a******h (231 231 positive feedback) 8:29 am, Fri 9 Dec

A.  lol you only get one check at 9x9cm 8:39 am, Fri 9 Dec
Hopefully you choose someone better than your last artist m8..

l******0 (119 119 positive feedback) 9:39 am, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Yeah cool thanks for your advice 10:41 am, Fri 9 Dec
if for some reason you were to develop an eating disorder are you but was to get smaller would there be a rebate of some type

s*******3 (20 20 positive feedback) 11:15 am, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Hahahahha hard question mate 11:32 am, Fri 9 Dec
That is NOT you in the second pic! You have uploaded from a UK site – should be upfront with potential buyers!!!!!

p***1 (447 447 positive feedback) 11:26 am, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Hahahahhahahah you’re kidding right??? Look at my Facebook and match the tattoos you genius 11:31 am, Fri 9 Dec
My apologies Bailey! Good luck with the auction. Sowry!!!!

p***1 (447 447 positive feedback) 11:36 am, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Haha thanks. 11:44 am, Fri 9 Dec
Are you single ? 😉

w*******a (57 57 positive feedback) 12:04 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Sure am ! 12:18 pm, Fri 9 Dec
Are you absolutely sure seller does not allow pick ups? I loled at your answer to ultimatemancave

u************y (107 107 positive feedback) 1:18 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Hahaha I respect people who see the humour in this 1:27 pm, Fri 9 Dec
So if we’re paying we’re only paying for the design of the tattoo not the opportunity to tattoo your bum cheek ourselves if we are artists ??

j*****1 (3 3 positive feedback) 1:46 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  If you’re a tattoo artist and can prove with evidence of your art then I may let you. 1:47 pm, Fri 9 Dec
Oh cool thanks darl. Good luck. Hope it’s a good one they choose. X

j*****1 (3 3 positive feedback) 1:50 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Thank you! X 1:51 pm, Fri 9 Dec
I’ve shared your post to a few pages hope that was ok

j*****1 (3 3 positive feedback) 1:51 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Ofcourse. Thank you a lot 🙂 any publicity is good publicity hahhaha 1:52 pm, Fri 9 Dec
why not give a higher percentage to charity ? may entice people to want to bid more and you may end up making more in the end anyway than you would how youre doing it now and it also means more money for charity 🙂 . just my two cents

w*********5 (21 21 positive feedback) 2:38 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Thank you for your opinion, I will put it into consideration. 2:50 pm, Fri 9 Dec
can you live stream you getting tattooed ? butt i do love the idea , nice cheeks by the way

c********o (787 787 positive feedback) 3:51 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  But I like that idea hahaha 3:53 pm, Fri 9 Dec
I would be happy to just have my name on your butt butt i do have two companies and have talked to my accountant about claiming with ird as long as i have an invoice ie trademe email winning bid and can prove its a marketing plan im all good to go. Love autobids at the final stages and im single too. I have a global plan so you may be offered other opportunities overseas and some magazine work. Michael

t*****2 (1639 1639 positive feedback) 3:54 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Hahhaha i love it! Sounds like a great plan Michael 😉 3:55 pm, Fri 9 Dec
If I win I can most likely organise a photo shoot in Tahiti with a very well branded global product you will love

t*****2 (1639 1639 positive feedback) 3:59 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Tahiti? Wow! Well you best get bidding to make this happen 😉 haha 4:00 pm, Fri 9 Dec
Would you considor tattoo inside the cheecks or even around the anus

p*****p (129 129 positive feedback) 9:43 pm, Fri 9 Dec

A.  Haha no 9:43 pm, Fri 9 Dec
So, are the funds going to charity as per listing description, or to pay off your debt as per Q&As please?

h****1 (1409 1409 positive feedback) 9:20 am, Sat 10 Dec

A.  It says 10% to charity, the rest to me for my debts?? 9:31 am, Sat 10 Dec
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