In An Instant This Woman’s Workday Was FUBAR’D By A Violent Thug – 3%

In An Instant This Woman’s Workday Was FUBAR’D By A Violent Thug

This shows just how fast things can change…

It was a normal workday. This pretty girl was alone at work, minding her own business, talking on her phone. It is apparent that she had never though that she might someday be attacked, or trained for the possibility. Her situational awareness was clearly being sucked in by her phone conversation. The robber, who was armed with a flashlight or some other large, blunt object, walked right in and approached her with no fear. In all likelihood, he had watched her from a distance and considered her to be an easy victim.

Based on what we see in the video, he was correct, in that regard. This girl was not ready. Her fighting instinct caused her to flip out though she really did not do anything effective. Her best move would have been to flee, and she did so, eventually, but not before getting thrown around the office like a rag doll.

It is hard to tell what is being said in the video, but, reportedly, the robber demanded money. Though his logic was sound in choosing this woman as a victim, it is apparent that this place of business did not likely store large amounts of cash.

Watch the action below for yourself:

What would you have done in this scenario? Do you carry a weapon, even a non-lethal weapon like pepper spray?

Additionally, the room is filled with potential weapons. She could throw a chair, a phone, a computer, or even a container full of office junk.

In the end, she makes it outside, and, other than being frightened, the robber had little effect on her or the place of business. Good thing the guy only wanted money. It is true that if his intent were to rape her he may have had a hard time due to her feistiness.

We are glad she is ok.

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