[PHOTO] Lesson: Never Double-Park At Wal-Mart Or Be Prepared To Face The Consequences

People take their shopping very seriously this time of year and one person learned the hard way after double parking in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Bad move buddy.

According to The Blaze, With many people running out to get their last minute shopping done, parking lots tend to get frustratingly busy a week before Christmas. So when someone trying to finish up their Christmas shopping arrived at a Wal-Mart in Maine and found a car carelessly taking up two parking spots, they decided to take action.

Matthew Mills of Biddeford, Maine, posted a picture on Facebook of a silver Nissan boxed in the parking spots with shopping carts, writing, “This guy got a lesson in parking.”


Perhaps the owner of the car will think twice before committing such a crime against humanity.


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