Roseanne Blasts Fellow Liberals, “Every Evil Wished Upon Israel Is Returned To It’s Source”

You know things are serious when one liberal is openly attacking another liberal.

Liberal comedian Roseanne Barr lit into President Barack Obama on Twitter over the Christmas weekend, responding to the anti-Israeli United Nations resolution passed last week — United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334.

The resolution only passed because Obama told the U.S. delegation to abstain from voting on it. If the U.S. would have vetoed it, the resolution would have failed because the U.S. is a permanent member on the U.N.’s security council, and if a permanent member vetoes a resolution, it automatically fails.

But the U.S. didn’t and many are blaming Obama. Israel even says they have evidence that proves Obama helped “craft” the deal and colluded with the U.N. to get it passed. Many are seeing the move as a great betrayal of Israel — including Barr.

In her three tweet tirade, Barr compared what Obama did with the U.N. to what the Nazi’s did in Germany — passing their anti-Jewish laws right before a Jewish holiday.

Obama isn’t the only person to blame for the anti-Israel resolution, Barr said. “Liberal US Jews” are also to blame, she explained.

Her last message was for all those who are wishing evil upon Israel:

The U.N. resolution bans Israel from building settlements in land claimed by the Palestinians, including East Jerusalem in the West Bank, which is home to many Jewish and Christian holy sites.

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