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Secret VIDEO EXPOSES This Doctor’s Horrifying Behavior During Childbirth

MONSTER: The courts are dealing with him now though the mother and baby have to live with the consequences of his actions

If this had happened in less civil times, the doctor would likely find himself publicly facing a bitter, vengeful family.

Alex Simms was induced into labor in May of 2015. The on-call gynecologist and obstetrician was on site to fill in for the actual doctor when things took a horrible turn for the delivering mother, her baby, and her family.

If there is anything good that will come from this scary event, it will likely result from the family’s filming of the delivery. They noticed a number of bizarre behaviors, and thankfully, turned on their smartphones.

Alex asserts that she started feeling pain as the epidural wore off. Rather than help her, the doctor mocked her body weight and called her names. He can be heard openly and repeatedly speaking to nurses about drinking at a bar earlier that day.

During part of the video, the camera pans down to reveal the doctor wearing bermuda shorts.

Some have said that the Staff was merely joking about alcohol but Alex’s mother claims that she smelled alcohol on the doctor’s breath.

Alex is suing the hospital and rightfully so. Allegedly, the doctor handled the baby improperly during the delivery, causing partial paralysis in one of his arms. Alex’s attorney has a full understanding of the events recorded in the footage and he has a plan to ensure that this does not happen to anyone again.

Watch the video report below for yourself:

Hospitals, and for that matter, the entire medical community, are so large and complex that it is difficult for normal people to understand what goes on behind the scenes. We trust that our providers will do the right thing.

Perhaps video is the only way to keep them in check? We hope not.


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