The Federal Government May FINALLY Be Shrinking… Literally – 3%

The Federal Government May FINALLY Be Shrinking… Literally

Interested in smaller government? It’s a key premise of conservatism but actually shrinking the size of the federal behemoth is far easier said than done. One area where progress could be made however is in getting rid of some of the unused federal buildings and property which are maintained on the taxpayer dime but sit empty and abandoned. (And there are a lot of them.) It’s a subject which has been brought up in Congress many times but we never seem to be able to find bipartisan support to kick the habit.

Perhaps that’s about to change. A bill designed to transfer much of this property off the federal rolls has finally cleared both chambers of Congress and will go to the White House for approval. (Government Executive)

Returning to the original subject, these aren’t trivial numbers of properties we’re talking about. And the amount of money being spent on them is significant as well. If you’ve never looked into the actual figures, brace for impact. We’re spending $1.7 billion a year to maintain 770,000 empty buildings, and that doesn’t even touch on the amount of federally controlled wilderness areas on the rolls. (LA Times)

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