VA Dentist To Keep His Job After Exposing 592 Vets To HIV Infection – 3%
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VA Dentist To Keep His Job After Exposing 592 Vets To HIV Infection

A Department of Veterans Affairs dentist may have infected 592 veterans with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV, but instead of getting fired, he was rewarded with an administrative position at the agency.

The unnamed dentist at a VA facility in Tomah, Wis., refused to use the disposable, sterile equipment required of VA providers and instead used his own dental tools on patients, cleaning them himself and reusing them on hundreds of veterans.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who represents a district in Wisconsin, slammed the VA on Thursday for allowing a taxpayer-funded official to expose so many veterans to deadly diseases.

“This news is not just heartbreaking; it’s outrageous,” Ryan said in a statement. “How can our veterans be treated so carelessly and where is the accountability?” The individual in question has not even been fired — a truly stunning show of bureaucratic impunity.”

Ryan said the incident was just the latest evidence that the VA will require a “complete overhaul.”

The Tomah VA hospital has come under fire in the past for dramatically over-prescribing opiates to veterans, a pattern that earned it the nickname “Candyland” among locals.

Nationwide, the VA has faced criticism for its failure to fire dozens of employees implicated in incompetent, abusive or even illegal activities at the VA.

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