[VIDEO] Accused Disabled Pedophile Hit By Car After Trying To Outrun Vigilantes – 3%

[VIDEO] Accused Disabled Pedophile Hit By Car After Trying To Outrun Vigilantes

Vigilantes confronted a disabled man over an exchange of messages involving the pedophile and what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. The question is, did they handle this situation correctly?

According to Craziest Sports Fights, A suspected pedophile has been hit by a car whilst attempting to flee a confrontation with a group of vigilantes who had threatened to call the police to the scene.

The man attempts to the deny the accusation at first saying “I thought she was twenty, she told me she was twenty” before quickly switching gears and beginning to apologize when he realizes the group has a full list of chat logs including trying to convince the girl to meetup in a school bathroom.

The man wrote to the pretend girl “Don’t tell your parent’s, this has to be our little secret… I’m afraid, don’t call the police”. He became upset after saying the girl had led him on, and became even more agitated when he was asked questions by the group. “She told me that she was older and that she was an escort” said the man, as he lights a cigarette and begins to look around for an escape route. “You’re really doing this to f*ck up my life” says the man.

The group then said they would be calling the police. Commenters on the live Facebook stream for the video said that “Cerebral palsy is not a mental illness, there’s a big difference… He knows right from wrong, no excuses.”

At this point the man revved up his scooter and drove away as quickly as it could take him, however he was clipped by a car at a crossing, allowing the group to catch up to him.

See the video below:

Did the vigilantes take it too far or were they justified in their actions?

Source: Craziest Sports Fights

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