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VIDEO Captures Man Showing ‘Deep Love And Appreciation’ For A Sexy Mannequin

This guy has his own perverted version of The Mannequin Challenge

Police have reviewed this store’s surveillance video and would like to speak to the man who appears in it.

The establishment is a boutique called PRIMitive in the Rose District of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. According to the owner, a man has come into the store more than once in the last two weeks, and he must really like one of the mannequins. In the owner’s words, he has been “inappropriately touching the mannequin.”

On his second visit, the man places a mannequin on the floor and then crawls on top of it. At least he did not undress the mannequin before molesting it. That makes it better, right?

Police have reviewed the video and are concerned about it. They say that these actions could be labeled as an “outraging public decency misdemeanor.” What is this type of crime? It is “any act which grossly injures the person or property of another which grossly disturbs the public peace.”

The store owner also has the option of telling the man not to come back, and if he returns, then filing a trespassing charge against him.

Can you stop true love, though?

The owner is worried that these odd behaviors could escalate and eventually harm a human being. The safety of store employees and shoppers is also a concern.

Watch the odd video for yourself below:

All joking aside, I share the concerns of this store owner. If someone is so deranged that they would do this kind of thing in public to a mannequin, it makes you wonder if they would do almost anything.

Perhaps, police can talk to the man and find help for him? His actions are weird enough that things could spin out of control quickly.

Hopefully, this is as bizarre as it is going to get.


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