[VIDEO] Plastic Surgeon Redesigns Wife Into ‘Perfect Woman’ – 3%

[VIDEO] Plastic Surgeon Redesigns Wife Into ‘Perfect Woman’

(Scroll down for video) A plastic surgeon in Florida, is proudly showing off his wife as the perfect model for his successful procedures in making women appear more attractive.

47-year-old Phillip Craft, who runs a clinic in Miami, performed countless procedures on his wife Anna, 43, after she gave birth to their two sons.

At first, she was reluctant to undergo the procedures, but after giving birth, her body changed and she wanted to appear more attractive.

Anna is crediting her husband for making her body appear perfect.

Anna revealed that her husband loves updating his cars and furniture, and her body is no exception. Phillip said that he always tell his potential patients to look at his wife.

Phillip believes that his wife looks better now than when she was 20 years old.

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