[VIDEO] Trump Gave a Surprise Speech That BLEW The Collective Mind of The UN – 3%
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[VIDEO] Trump Gave a Surprise Speech That BLEW The Collective Mind of The UN

Daily Mail – President-elect Donald Trump had strong words for the United Nations on Wednesday, five days after a landmark Security Council vote condemning the continued construction of Israeli Jewish settlements in the disputed West bank territory.

‘The UN has such tremendous potential. Not living up to its potential,’ Trump said in a brief statement to the press outside his Mar-a-Lago resort club in Palm Beach, Florida. ‘There is such tremendous potential, but it is not living up.’


As reported by Defund:

Donald Trump put the United Nations on blast and hopefully challenged them to be more proactive and useful.

Trump claims that the United Nations isn’t a problem solver, but more of a problem creator. He thinks the United Nations have a great potential to do amazing things, but they clearly are not living up to that potential.

Now the question to wonder about is this – will the United Nations take this as a challenge and step up their game? Or will the United Nations act like a bunch crybaby leftists and spend four years whining about Trump and accomplishing nothing in the process?

If they step up their game, they could be a force to reckon with and do a great job for the next four years. If not, then they just prove the point that Donald Trump made. I know liberals and democrats would hate to see Trump be correct about something.

Trump stepped in and is challenging people before he takes office in January. He’s already keeping people on their toes and that’s a good thing.

Too often the politicians become to comfortable in their job and do just enough to get by and remain off the radar of the people watching them. Just enough is not enough. We need an active United Nations to work together, solve problems, and help ensure that everything goes smoothly for the next four to eight years.


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