[VIDEO] What’s That Old Saying About The Bigger They Are… – 3%

[VIDEO] What’s That Old Saying About The Bigger They Are…

After a brief sizing up period, the pair explode into action and despite the fact that Black Shorts has a considerable size advantage over Red Shorts, he eats plenty of shots in their opening exchange.

I’m not sure what kind of tread Black Shorts’ shoes have but by the way he moves in this fight, I’m guessing it’s some sort of soap-like material. The dude appears to by attempting to emulate the Running Man dance move, made famous by Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

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Despite looking like he’s fighting in an ice rink, Black Shorts barely throws any punches. In fact, he’s so unproductive with his striking that an onlooker can be heard encouraging him to throw something, anything.

But he wants none of what Red Shorts is dishing out and at one point even appears to try and run away from the fight. Red Shorts is back on him in a flash, though; he charges forward, grabs him by the head, and takes him down.

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