[WATCH] Pouring Molten Copper Into A Coconut Is Amazingly Satisfying – 3%

[WATCH] Pouring Molten Copper Into A Coconut Is Amazingly Satisfying

Unexpected and awesome…

This guy loves to experiment with  molten metals. Sometimes things go as planned in an exciting way, sometimes boring, sometimes totaling unexpected.

In the next experiment, he removed the coconut milk, causing things to be much more exciting. It turns out, the outer shell of the coconut is a great insulator for the copper and the entire ball stays hot! All that is needed is a drill, a hammer, and the ability to melt the copper. It is crazy to watch the coconut shake and rattle as if it were going to explode. I am glad that it didn’t!

Eventually, he adds water to cool off the copper and coconut to bring about the final result. You may be asking yourself: why the hammer? To extract the copper after all of the craziness, of course!

Watch for yourself below:

What did we do before the Age of the Internet? I can remember the old days of television, when we only had three channels. If the President were speaking, all three channels broadcast his speech with no other options.

Kids today don’t even watch tv, unless it is displaying Youtube or similar videos. Could it be that television as we know it, even cable television, will die in one generation? If the trend continues, it is likely!

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