[WATCH] Special Forces Have LESS THAN ONE MINUTE To Engage A Suicide Bomber Truck – 3%

[WATCH] Special Forces Have LESS THAN ONE MINUTE To Engage A Suicide Bomber Truck

The bomb-laden truck sped towards them with the accelerator on the floor!

The ISIS Suicide truck was zooming in, as they could tell by the plumes of dust in its wake. It appeared to be a lightly armored truck, barreling down a desert road towards an outpost filled with vehicles, equipment, and mostly importantly, soldiers.

The camp was in a panic as soldiers started firing at the truck while the Kurdish fighters prepared to take aim with a rocket launcher.

The Kurds took their shot with the rocket but missed by a few meters. The jihadi vehicle continued speeding towards the compound.

Fortunately, for the Kurds, and everyone else on the outpost, French Special Forces troops were there to help out. They had with them a Texas Instruments “Javelin” missile launcher, which is a “fire and forget” weapon. It can hit moving targets all the way out to 2.5 km.

With only seconds to spare, the men took aim with the Javelin and fired.

The results were nearly instant and obvious. In the video, you can hear the cheers and even one man saying, “Yes!”

Watch the craziness for yourself, below:

Could you behave as calmly as these men did, just seconds from death? Good thing they had technology on their side. When an enemy is committed to suicide, the margin of error is small.

Rocket launchers can work but they require precise aim, in this case, from fairly inexperienced fighters.

Then the Pros got involved! Sweet.


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