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82yo Loses Wife, Finds New Purpose In Life Through a 4yo Girl [WATCH]

When 82-year-old Dan Peterson lost his wife Mary, he completely lost his way.

The death was sudden, making the grief all the more difficult to console. Time was no help. For six months, Dan felt as though he had no purpose, and was just waiting to die… until one day, he took a trip to the Publix grocery store in Augusta, Georgia.

 While walking down the canned food aisle, Dan was caught by surprise by an outgoing four-year-old named Nora Wood.


“She said, ‘Hi old person, it’s my birthday today!’” Nora’s mom, Tara, recalled of the incident.

At the time, Tara was embarrassed about her daughter’s outburst. But what happened next would change all of their lives.

Nora asked the 82-year-old Dan for a hug, and Dan gave one to her. Nora then asked her mom to take a picture of her “new friend” – and a touching friendship was born.

Nora didn’t want anything else from Dan, but the man was deeply touched. “I said, ‘You don’t know… this is the first time, for quite a while, that I’ve been as happy.’”

The grocery store incident occurred several months ago. Now, the two have become more acquainted with one another, and Nora goes to visit Dan with her mom every week.

Their relationship is fascinatingly unique. Dan has grandchildren of his own, but they are all grown up and on their own. Nora has grandparents as well, but Dan and Nora’s bond is different, and just as special.

“She opened me to a love that I didn’t know existed,” Dan said.

He believes Nora is an actual angel, and thanks to a chance encounter, Dan has a revived purpose in life: watching Nora grow up.

[Source: CBS Evening News]

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