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Another Hollywood Douchebag Supports the Bullying of Barron Trump

It seems like attacking Donald Trump’s family is now considered the best way to gain notoriety in Hollywood.  You want to get a casting call?  Call Melania Trump stupid because of her accent, forgetting to mention that she speaks five languages fluently.  Want a job making larger bank?  Insult a Republican president’s child during the inauguration.

You have to be a special kind of douchebag to break your own rules of letting children of presidents alone, but here we are.  This is exactly what the Alinsky-style’s core concepts of progressivism is all about:  Practicing deception to hide your true goals (it’s only a joke) and regarding moral principles and laws as applicable to other people but not to yourself.

‘Rick and Morty’ creator offers ‘SNL’ writer a job, waves off her comments about president’s son

Katie Rich — the writer suspended from “Saturday Night Live” for jokes she made at 10-year old Barron Trump’s expense during the inauguration of Donald Trump — has been offered a new job.

Dan Harmon, the creator of “Rick and Morty,” an animated sitcom, has publicly offered Rich a job and even defended her controversial remarks about the 10-year-old son of the president.

During the Jan. 20 inauguration, Katie Rich tweeted that Barron Trump “will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” She later deleted the tweet, destroyed her account, and was suspended from her job at “Saturday Night Live.”

Still, Rich has not faced as much backlash as one would expect. “Saturday Night Live” and NBC — the network that airs the program — have refused to comment publicly or to condemn Rich’s words or actions, and Rich is now garnering a fair amount of support from public figures.

Comedian and television host Chelsea Handler seemingly condoned Rich’s cyberbullying of a child when she tweeted, “It’s interesting that a writer on ‘SNL’ is held to a higher standard of language than the man we elected @POTUS @katiemaryrich#stupid.”

Dan Harmon has now also backed Rich and her actions. The writer responded to a tweet regarding Rich’s suspension from “SNL” saying, “Aaaaaaaand hired.”
He also tweeted, “I’m sure Katie Rich will have better offers but I’ll start bidding, will fly her to LA first class and give her what my studio pays

Harmon said in a later tweet, “I would tolerate all jokes. I do tolerate all jokes. And so do you. Because we have not lost our motherf***ing god d*** minds.”

The problem with Harmon’s words and job offer to Rich is not the fact that he wants to hire a writer. Everybody has to work. To think Katie Rich can be or would be blacklisted the rest of her life is absurd. The issue is Harmon’s reason for hiring her. He’s making a statement. Rich’s bullying of a child is precisely why she is being offered a job.

America has an admirable right — it’s called the freedom of speech. Humor has a freedom in this country like nowhere else. We can poke fun at authority and satirize the government. However, bullying a child for the sake of humor is tasteless, classless, and over the top, and the fact that the bullying was done to our new president’s son makes it even worse.

If an everyday American and not a public figure or celebrity had made the joke Rich made about a child and then tried to stand behind the defense of humor — that individual would be considered a cyberbully.

To take it a step further, if a conservative comedian were to have made such a joke about one of Barack Obama’s daughters, there would be no way the comedy community would stand behind that person in the same fashion. The absolute opposite would happen.

Just because a person doesn’t like or agree with a president doesn’t give that person a free pass to let go of any sort of human decency. Disliking Donald Trump as president hardly justifies the bullying of a child.

The president himself touched on Rich’s words in his Thursday night interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News. “A person from ‘Saturday Night Live’ was terrible,” Trump said. “I don’t mind some humor but it’s terrible. For them to attack — for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son is a disgrace.”

He also suggested the effects of bullying are the same no matter who is behind the verbal attacks. “It’s not an easy thing for him [Barron]. Believe me.”

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