Anti-Trump Rally Goes Nuts – 3%

Anti-Trump Rally Goes Nuts

Once again the Left has lost its collective mind. American citizens are attacking American citizens at the inauguration because they support the new president.

We get it loony Left. You’re angry and you want to let the rest of us know. You have every right to protest, but no one has a special privilege to damage property and especially not to attack other people. As of this writing there have been 90 arrests, and it looks like there will be a lot more.

The protests have even turned violent. Among the slogans shouted were “no justice, no peace” and “no racist police.”

The protesters might have wanted to get a load of the cops at the rally, whose expressions sum it all up.

You can almost tell what he’s thinking: ‘C’mon, really?’

Black Lives Black Trans Queer Lives Matter was also in attendance:

Along with their anti-capitalist allies, who were calling for protesters to “tear down capitalism.” Seems legit.

There was also window smashing, as captured on video:

Images of a shattered window:

There was widespread damage all the way down “I” Street:

BBC News reported more mayhem, noting that the protests have “turned violent”:

Police heading towards the scene:

Protesters obstructed servicemen trying to get through an Air Force checkpoint:

Michael Tracey reports sections of the Mall area are being blocked off due to protests:

At least one man was injured, according to this tweet:

It’s going to be a long four years. Buckle up.

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