As Mike Pence Was Sworn In Someone Shouted ‘Lock Her Up!’ [VIDEO] – 3%

As Mike Pence Was Sworn In Someone Shouted ‘Lock Her Up!’ [VIDEO]

On the subject of Hillary Clinton, many Americans would like to see her investigated by a Trump Justice Department. The bogus investigations, and lack of investigations, for the many activities the Clintons were involved that come off looking like crimes were just too much for people to forget.

There was a total lack of transparency when the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, met privately with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport. It didn’t pass the smell test when we were then invited to watch FBI Director James Comey lay out what would have been a slam dunk indictment against Hillary Clinton, literally describing violated statutes of the Espionage Act by Hillary’s actions, only to wind it up and say that she would not be charged with crimes.

Yes, it’s a new day with a new administration, but many folks believe the Clintons should not get away with the multitudes of crimes committed, because it sets a bad example and causes a total lack of trust in government.

(As reported by: The Daily Caller)

A person in the crowd at President Donald Trump’s inauguration shouted “LOCK HER UP!” as Vice President Mike Pence was being sworn in.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had just finished swearing Pence in, and as the crowd died down, a single voice screamed out the line. The crowd also chanted “drain the swamp,” a campaign promise by Trump to clear out career politicians and and elites in Washington, D.C.

Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is in attendance at the inauguration.

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