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Big Pro-Trump Banner Displayed By Electrical Union Workers In Philly

You see that? Union workers can be civil and welcoming to a Republican president.

The GOP can and should capitalize on this by showing unions that they are the growth party even though they are not the part of political patronage with pay-for-play schemes, something Democrats have become known for in controlling the union vote.

Union electrical workers at a Philadelphia job site hung a huge barrier welcoming President Donald Trump to the city, highlighting his high support among rank and file members of skilled unions.

The union members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers unfurled their banner, which said “Buy American” and “Welcome to Philly Mr. President.”

Fox News contributor and pollster Frank Luntz caught the Thursday display and tweeted about it.


During the election, support for Trump rose among union households while support for Hillary fell in those same homes. According to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper:

In Ohio, Trump won among union voters, earning the support of 49 percent of those polled to Clinton’s 44 percent. In 2012, by comparison, Obama received 60 percent of Ohio’s union vote, while Romney received 37 percent.


To emphasize how different this Republican President is from prior Republicans in the White House, Trump met with a group of union leaders only days after he took the oath of office.

Many of the unions’ leaders are also progressive middle-managers in the Democratic Party’s political machine, and so it was not long before the IBEW’s pro-Trump banner disappeared from the Philly construction site.

Luntz noted that, too:


The unfurling of the banner coincided with the President’s trip to Philly to address the Republican retreat which kicked off on Wednesday.

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