BOOM! Islamic-Americans SLAM Anti-Trump Protesters With BRUTAL Dose Of Reality – 3%

BOOM! Islamic-Americans SLAM Anti-Trump Protesters With BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

No doubt it would benefit America if the “rabid left” would pause a moment, stop sipping the “Kool-aid” and use whatever “critical thinking” skills they could manage and listen to those Muslim/American’s who perhaps have more at stake than those bubble-head celebrities all shaking their heads in agreement.

Obviously the Trump haters will continue protesting at airports, demonstrating and going off into hysteria, condemning President Trump’s executive order of “extreme vetting,” while the mainstream media attempts to change the actual verbiage within the order document as some type of “religious” or “Muslim ban” attempting to once again divide our nation.

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However, in spite of the 24/7 negative new coverage by the mainstream media, Independent Journal Review decided to actually reach out to ‘CRITICAL THINKING” American/ Muslims about President Trump’s “Executive Order.”

Their findings are quite a departure from the continued assault from the left.


Jay Smith:

“If these people really wanted to make a difference, they can become mommies and daddies in refugee camps in Syria or Iraq. Spend time with the people who truly are in need of help”.

“For years President Obama bombed countries in the Middle East, and I didn’t see them protesting. It’s incredibly hypocritical to be doing what they’re doing now”.


Karim Elsayed:

“It’s not a Muslim ban. If it was really a Muslim ban, he would have banned immigration from Indonesia, the country with the highest population of Muslims. The seven countries listed were in Obama’s Terrorist Travel Prevention Act”.

“The protesters are not concerned. If so, we would have seen them protesting Obama’s drone strikes and Obama making it more difficult for some Muslims to make it into this country.”


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