Boom! Trump Has A Message For Mexico After They Said They WON’T Pay For The Wall

President Donald Trump promised to cancel his upcoming meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto if Mexico remains unwilling to pay for the “badly needed wall.”

The two presidents were planning to meet next week to discuss a robust plan for the future of Mexico-U.S. trade relations.

“We will bring to the table all themes,” Nieto said of the upcoming meeting in a Monday speech in Mexico City. “Trade, yes, but also migration and the themes of security, including border security, terrorist threats and the traffic of illegal drugs, arms and money.” Nieto stressed that the meeting would also include immigration and national security issues.

After Trump signed an executive order Wednesday aimed at bolstering the nation’s border security force and starting construction on the wall, Nieto reportedly considered canceling the upcoming meeting himself, the New York Times reports. “I regret and condemn the United States’ decision to continue with the construction of a wall that, for years now, far from uniting us, divides us,” Nieto said in a livestream address on Twitter to the Mexican people Wednesday evening.

Source: The Daily Caller

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