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Trump Reaches Controversial Decision On James Comey’s Fate

FBI Director James Comey angered both liberals and conservatives during the Presidential Election of 2016. Conservatives believed that he was wrong in recommending that Hillary Clinton remain unprotected. Because of his announcements during the campaign, liberals now believe that Comey cost Hillary the Election. Many believed that, regardless of who won the Election, Comey’s time as FBI Director was quickly coming to a close.

After months of deliberation and speculation in the media, President Donald Trump has apparently reached a decision on Comey’s future at the FBI. The NY Times is reporting that Comey made an announcement to his top agents, revealing that Trump has asked him to stay on board.

If Comey remains, it will be spare President Trump, and all of us, another intense confirmation battle. Some point out that Comey’s presence will provide continuity in the FBI’s ongoing investigations of both the Clintons and the Russians. As you certainly have heard, the liberal narrative also claims that Russian meddling handed the Election to Trump.

During the campaign, Mr. Trump harshly criticized the F.B.I. and Justice Department for not bringing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in connection with her use of a personal email server. After Mr. Trump was elected in November, he said in a nationally televised interview that he had not made up his mind about whether he would ask Mr. Comey to resign.

For the moment, the issue appears to be closed, though liberals are trying to stir up controversy regarding Comey. Consider this Tweet from writer Richard Hine earlier this week:

The liberal media took the claim and ran with it, though it is clear that no kissing went on in the video. The media spin claims that Trump loves Comey for handing him the Election.

Fake news? Most likely.

Regardless, Comey appears to be here to stay, at least for a while.


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