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Chinese Tech Company Forces Female Employees to Fake Sex Acts on Stage

A Chinese Tech firm is getting hit over forcing female employees to simulate giving male employees blow jobs on the stage at a company function.  The men had water bottles between their legs and the women were supposed to use them to make it look like they were blowing their bosses.


From The Mail Online:

Female staff were told to perform degrading sex acts on male colleagues at a company’s annual dinner.

A lewd video of the event was posted on social media site Weibo, prompting users to accuse Chinese technology giant Tencent of encouraging workplace sexism.

Footage shows two women trying to open water bottles placed between the men’s legs as other staff look on. 

Business leaders say workplace sexism is a serious problem in China. 

Two years ago, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. was forced to take down an advert for office cheerleaders directed at women with porn-star qualities.

Pocket Sun, founder of Sogal Ventures, told Bloomberg: ‘A workplace with no respect for women is toxic. 

‘This tells us how hostile the environment still is.’ 

Tencent apologised for the video and said the male employees had been disciplined.


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