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Elderly Woman Shown Beaten By Home Aid For Feeding Her Dog Human Food [VIDEO]

There is a special place in hell for people who assault the elderly, especially those who are paid to take care of them.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

According to the description of the video, Floyd is now a fugitive wanted on a charge of assault with bodily injury on the elderly/disabled in connection the incident, which took place at around 8pm on New Year’s Day in the 800 block of Oak Valley Drive in Houston.


Brutal treatment: Police in Texas have released this disturbing home surveillance video showing a care provider repeatedly striking an elderly woman

Beaten over food: The home aide reportedly flew into a rage because the senior citizen fed her dog 'human' food

Investigators say Floyd flew into a rage because the elderly woman in her care was feeding her dog ‘human’ food.

The video, recorded by the smart-home system Nest, depicts the caretaker hitting the frail-looking senior citizen numerous times while spewing expletives.

As the gaunt patient with snow-white hair sits in an armchair next to her ginger-colored pet pooch, the home aide approaches her and smacks her over the head with what appears to be considerable force.

‘Get your a** up and go to f***ing bed!’ Floyd is heard in the video yelling at her seemingly helpless charge. ‘Go ahead, damn it!’

She delivers five blows to the patient’s head before the victim rises to her feet with visible difficulty.

As the elderly woman crosses the living room on her way to the bedroom while leaning heavily on her walker, Floyd confront her.

‘I said, why do you feed the dog human food? Why do you keep feeding that dog human food?’ she demands angrily.

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