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Finch’s Feet Stuck To Frozen Pipe. Man Comes Up With Genius Solution [VIDEO]

Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time. This bird would probably have frozen to death as it doesn’t look like it was going to get warmer any time soon.

(H/T: Shareably)

It is unlikely the finch would have broken free from its frozen prison, but lucky for the bird, Nelson Wilson happened to walk by at the right time. Seeing how the bird was unable to move, Wilson immediately realized it’s feet must be frozen and stuck to the pipe. Attempting to carefully approach the bird in distress, Wilson slowly clasped the finch in his hand. The finch put up a fight at first, even going as far as trying to snap at Wilson’s big hand, but once he had a careful grasp on the bird, it remained still.

Hoping the heat from his hand would warm the tiny bird up enough to break free, he realized it was not enough to melt the ice. Upon failing to free the bird, Wilson tried another method and began to breathe directly onto the pipe, hoping the heat from his mouth would melt the persistent ice.

Beginning to vigorously breathe on the finch, Wilson took some time to carefully melt away the ice underneath it. The white glaze of the ice slowly disappeared as the heat from Wilson’s breathe did exactly what he hoped it would. The finch’s feet slowly began to loosen up from the pole, and Wilson lightly tugged the bird upward so it could free itself.

“Here we go little birdie, go ahead and fly away,” Wilson said before letting the finch loose.

Finally separated from its former prison, the bird anxiously squirmed in Wilson’s hand. He positioned the bird so it was no longer facing him, and gently let the finch free before it shot out and flew into the sky. This amazing moment caught on camera became a viral sensation and was just another incredible example of how some people go above and beyond when it comes to another living thing.

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