Gorgeous Australian Feminist ‘Torches’ Her Cans To Protest Inequality

We don’t exactly love the “Free the Nipple” movement, but if you are going to protest, this is one great way to go!

Free the Nipple, as it is called, is a movement to promote women’s rights. People who support it believe that it is unfair that men can go topless and women cannot. A number of protest methods have emerged over the last year or so. Among them is the Gender Less Nipples Instagram page, which aims to shortcut Instagram’s nudity policies.

The page describes itself like this:

Genderless Nipples

 Men are allowed to show their nipples, women’s get banned. Support ALL genders! Let’s change this policy! For press & nipple donations (18+)

An Australian model who supports Free the Nipple, Imogen Anthony, decided to protest in her own way on Instagram recently. She found a workaround for Instagram’s rules with the clever use of flame.

The next couple of days are going to be CRAZY 💋 Follow ➡️ @femmefatale69x 🔪

A photo posted by IℳO₲E№ ♀▲N₮HʘNϔ (@imogen_anthony) on

If Imogen and people like her want to show their nipples on Instagram, who am I to complain? Imogen has 127,000 followers on Instagram at this time and likely to gain a bigger following and make more money with Free Nipples. Food for thought.

Consider Imogen’s body of work so far:

🌹🌸 Primer Amor 🌸🌹

A photo posted by IℳO₲E№ ♀▲N₮HʘNϔ (@imogen_anthony) on

Fate fell short this time. Your smile fades in the summer.❣️†

A photo posted by IℳO₲E№ ♀▲N₮HʘNϔ (@imogen_anthony) on

Walking into 2017 like 💁🏼 * there really should be a hair flick emoji 😹😹😹

A photo posted by IℳO₲E№ ♀▲N₮HʘNϔ (@imogen_anthony) on

Shhh HUNTYYY 📲💦🐻👅🌈⚓️ Had an amazing Summer weekend w/ my girls 🌞💘 …

A photo posted by IℳO₲E№ ♀▲N₮HʘNϔ (@imogen_anthony) on

Missing this little wildflower 🥀 @miss_tina_louise 🦋 #freespirit #flashbackfriday 📸 pic by @partylikejzl

A photo posted by IℳO₲E№ ♀▲N₮HʘNϔ (@imogen_anthony) on

Love this weather 🥀 #wilting

A photo posted by IℳO₲E№ ♀▲N₮HʘNϔ (@imogen_anthony) on

We wish Imogen all the luck in the world!

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