Government Spent $600,000 To Study Why Alcohol Helps Women Enjoy Sex – 3%

Government Spent $600,000 To Study Why Alcohol Helps Women Enjoy Sex

Your tax dollars at work. Here is what they found:

With a deficit in the trillions and increasing faster than we can mentally compute, the government granted the State University of New York at Buffalo $592, 693 in taxpayer-funded grants to study the links, in couples, between alcohol and sex. Money well spent?

Was it truly necessary to spend $600,000 to discover this “ground-breaking” information? Take a drive around the city you live in. There are wine and liquor stores on block with bars and restaurants in between. People like to drink. We already knew that, and when people drink, they tend to think that their significant other is better looking.

The study also found that drinking together had more positive effects on people when compared to drinking alone.

Since when did anyone think that drinking alone was a good idea?

Here’s the deal: if you partner is not an angry or abusive drunk, then pour a glass of wine at dinner and enjoy one another’s company. Use tax write-offs, legally, so that your money can be spent on something more productive that this absurd, taxpayer-funded study.


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