Guess Which MAJOR University Wants To Be A “Sanctuary Campus” For Illegals – 3%
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Guess Which MAJOR University Wants To Be A “Sanctuary Campus” For Illegals

The University of Maryland wants to be a “sanctuary campus” for illegal immigrants with its new don’t ask, don’t say policy — effective this month — on “undocumented students.”

The campus that wants Muslim prayer rooms in “each major building” is now focusing on protecting illegal immigrants attending the university. As reported in The College Fix, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the taxpayer-funded university has told its faculty and staff not to ask about a student’s immigration status or to say the word “illegal alien” when identifying an illegal alien.

But it doesn’t end there. UMD has helpfully outlined “What You Can Do” on a website page devoted to instructing readers on how they can make “undocumented students,” or illegal aliens, feel welcome at the school. In addition, students are charged with conveying “openness,” establishing “welcoming spaces,” and being “sensitive to the limits” that illegals may endure and to avoid any discussion of their inability “to register to vote” or their “family’s migration story.”

At UMD’s College Park campus there other examples of the university using the students for blatantly political purposes. Student leaders are encouraged to lobby the government to protect undocumented students while student activists demand more funding to do so. What they most crave is official recognition as a “sanctuary campus” in imitation of sanctuary cities like Chicago where illegals are promised “safety” by the mayor despite the city’s sky-high murder rate.

Meanwhile the diversity office stays busy with a training program called UndocuTerp that provides “staff and faculty with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to effectively respond to the needs of undocumented students at University of Maryland.”

Student activists are also expecting the immediate promulgation of a full-time position at the school that would work to protect undocumented students from potential deportation. It is just one of 64 demands.

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