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Guess Who Saved Scott Baio From Liberal Thug [VIDEO]

Scott Baio was attacked by liberal scum twice on Inauguration Day.  The first time was when he was on his way with Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino, who claims he protected Baio from a deranged democrat.  (Is there any other kind?)


Another group of protesters reportedly approached Baio and his wife Renee as they attended the Freedom Ball the same evening

The actor filed a police report in December over an alleged altercation with the wife of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s drummer Chad Smith at an elementary school function where both their children were in attendance.

Smith’s wife Nancy Mack reportedly began berating Baio and shouting ‘grab em by the p***y’, at at one point physically grabbed him, according to TMZ

The Ventura County District Attorney is still deciding whether to prosecute Mack for the incident. 

Baio was an ardent supporter of Trump very early on in the campaign.

He told to the Hollywood Reporter when he arrived in Washington DC on Thursday:

‘I’m looking forward to seeing the guy I backed take the oath of office,’

 ‘I’m looking to get the country back on track.’

He stated simply that his goal is ‘the resurgence of the United States of America and the resurgence of the American dream.’

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