If You See This Catastrophic EMOJI TEXT MESSAGE, Delete It Immediately And Never Forward It – 3%

If You See This Catastrophic EMOJI TEXT MESSAGE, Delete It Immediately And Never Forward It

People are fuming over this malicious text message

People treat their smartphones as part of their daily and nightly routine. The health of a smartphone seems to rival a person’s physical health. If the phone goes down or breaks, people panic.

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We are all familiar with malware that can cripple electronics. Recently, a string of emojis, placed in a text message, emerged that can poison an iPhone. Even if you are not an iPhone user, you could forward the text from an android and cause major problems for people.

Unfortunately, this particular malicious trick is not like other malware. Many times, action is required by a person to activate the malicious code. In cases reported of this emoji message, iPhones often shut down as soon as the text message is opened. The string includes a flag emoji, a zero, and a rainbow emoji. If an iPhone is using a version of OS that came out prior to iOS 10, you are safe. Most people are using 10 or above.

BGR describes how the message works:

Depending on the software you are on, the bug behaves differently. However, for users who are affected by it, it’s insane how immediately the bug works, freezing the device almost instantly, leaving it unresponsive for over five to ten minutes, eventually restarting itself. Mind you, it is not just the screen that freezes once this malicious message hits your phone, all the buttons, the home button, power button, and volume buttons, stop responding too.

The following video describes the bug and how to deal with it. Please note what the emoji string looks like in the intro picture below:

There is no way, right now, to protect your phone, but you can be aware of it in case it happens, and if you have an android or an old iPhone, DO NOT send this string to anyone. If you are infected, wait 10 minutes or so and your phone should restart.

Hope this helps to ease your mind a bit.

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