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Is Target Wrong To Run This Pro-Islam Advertisement?

People are angry and talking about another boycott of Target… Is this simply Islamaphobia?

Target is a company that, in in its own words, likes to promote diversity. Target found itself embroiled in controversy last year when they announced a change to their restroom policy that would allow transgenders and others to use the restroom of their choosing.

As you can tell, people are angry.

Of course, some people are pleased with the advertisement:

What do you think? Is the advertisement inappropriate? Some argue that it is just a photo of a friendly woman who happens to be wearing a hijab.

Are those who dislike the ad Islamaphobes?

As you may expect, Target is not likely to back down.

A statement on their corporate page reads: “We believe diversity and inclusivity make teams and Target better. And we’ll live that belief as champions of a more inclusive society by creating a diverse and inclusive work environment, cultivating an inclusive guest experience, and fostering equality in society.”

Target lost large sums of money over the controversial restroom policy. Time will tell if advertisements such as this one affect their bottom line in a similar fashion.


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