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Jon Voight BLASTS Hollyweird Celebs, They Are Teaching Treason [VIDEO]

Actor Jon Voight blasted Hollywood celebrities for working to “de-legitimize” President Trump by protesting during the inauguration festivities over the weekend, calling the conduct of his movie-star colleagues “treasonous.”

“It’s been very serious and very destructive, this marching against the government and against the president,” Voight told celebrity website TMZ in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. “It’s very, very serious.”

Voight, the father of actress Angelina Jolie, said some of the outspoken celebrities are setting a dangerous example for their thousands fans.

“When you see the young people, like Shia LaBeouf and Miley Cyrus, they have a lot of a lot of young people that are looking at them, what are they teaching them? They are teaching treason,” Voight warned. “They are teaching going up against the government, not accepting the will of the people on this presidency.”

“It’s a very sad day, really,” he added. “This Hollywood group, it’s a very sad thing for me to witness what they’re doing. But they have a lot of influence, it’s a huge amount of influence.”

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