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Kellyanne Conway Punches Obnoxious Man 3 Times to the Face

We always knew Kellyanne Conway was tough but even we didn’t know just how tough she really is.  But, at the Inaugural Ball we got to see a bit more of her toughness as she punched a troublemaker at least three times to the face with her closed fist.


The incident occurred right after Donald and Melania Trump had the first dance.  Two larger men had squared off and when it became evident that they were going to fight, Conway sprung into action.  Is it any wonder why Donald Trump wanted her on his   team.

From The Mail Online:

Conway was apparently forced to intervene when two larger men were involved in an altercation at Washington Convention Center on Friday.

When it became apparent that the two men were not going to stop fighting, Conway stepped in and punched one of them with a closed fist in the face at least three times, a witness told the New York Daily News

There was no word as to what precipitated the fight. 

The witness’ account was corroborated by a Fox Business Channel reporter who said that Conway punched the man several times in the face with a closed fist.

The Liberty Ball was one of the inaugural galas held in the capital to celebrate Trump’s taking the oath of office just hours earlier at the US Capitol.


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