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Kellyanne Conway Renames NBC Show to “Defeat the Press” [VIDEO]

Some say Kellyanne Conway kicked Chuck Todd’s ass but I prefer to say she grabbed NBC by their pussy.  She appeared on “Defeat the press” today and Todd pressed on why Sean Spicer made a big deal out of the attendance at the inaugural, completely ignoring the lie about the removal of the MLK bust from the Oval Office, which of course was another liberal lie.


But I expected attendance to be down since these were going to be so many violent scumbag liberals there.  It’s the same reason that most conservatives are Christians.  They want to go to Heaven so they don’t have to spend eternity with even one liberal.  But then again, attendance was not as low as liberal media outlets claimed.  Add to that the fact that unlike liberal protesters, conservatives have jobs and must pay their own bills.

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