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Lawmakers Discuss Abortion-Related Bill That Could Change EVERYTHING

In the state of Iowa, lawmakers are discussing an abortion-related bill that would be the first of its kind in the entire country if passed.

The bill would allow a woman to sue an abortion provider if at any point in her life she experiences emotional distress due to having the abortion. The bill provides that there will be no statute of limitations for this private cause of action. GOP State Senator Mark Chelgren, who introduced the proposal, said he wanted to make sure women were protected.

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“I want to give a lifetime warranty so to me that was my thinking, which is hey, we need to make sure we are protecting them for life,” he said. “What we’re asking for is that individuals, doctors and clinics that make money off of women by giving them abortions are simply held accountable.”

“That’s all this does. It protects women from people who would normally be trying to sell them something in a time when they are under the most stress that is kind of imaginable,” Chelgren added.

The bill passed through one three-member panel and heads to its second committee review. Sen. Chelgren did not immediately return a request from TheBlaze on when the bill is expected to be examined by the next committee. And although it hasn’t yet reached the floor, it already faces harsh criticism from opponents.

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