Liberal Thug Proves How “Peaceful” Their Protests Are After A Trump Supporter Gets Too Close [VIDEO] – 3%

Liberal Thug Proves How “Peaceful” Their Protests Are After A Trump Supporter Gets Too Close [VIDEO]

A video that’s gone viral on YouTube shows a Trump supporter being punched out by a leftist agitator in Portland, Oregon. The attacker and his friends are then seen jeering at the body of the unconscious man.

The driving force behind this incident and other random acts of violence have been the president’s ban on those entering the U.S. from seven Muslim countries.

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Liberals have been quick to criticize the “racist” executive order, but, as Justin Raimondo of writes in “Spare Us the Theatrics,” while “the blue-state crowd is protesting President Trump’s order banning travel to the U.S. by citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia, what gets lost in all the shouting is that the legal and political basis of his order was laid down by President Barack Obama.”

“These people don’t care to recall that, in 2013, Obama banned all refugees from Iraq for six months, and his action was hardly noticed: Trump is only proposing a ninety-day pause,” Raimondo adds.

The leftist liars on social media are now claiming there has been “zero” violence committed by immigrants from these banned countries. But a quick visit to shows the opposite to be true: In 2013, Fazliddin Kurbanov was arrested in Idaho and later convicted on terrorism charges. In 2010, a Somali refugee went on a stabbing rampage at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Another case involved a Muslim man who was charged with sexual assault in South Dakota. In another high-profile court case Iraqi interpreter Jasim Ramadon received a sentence of 28 years in prison for raping a Colorado woman.

Zero crimes? Right.

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