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Man Falls on Tracks, Run Over By Train…Guess What Happens Next [VIDEO]

CCTV from Phetchaburi railway station in southern Thailand fall on the rails just as a train comes by and drives over him.  It’s like one of my worst nightmares.  The video shows the train running over his legs which is certain to cut someone in half.  Except this time.  The man got up and ran away.


The CCTV, filmed from two different angles, may have been doctored or show an optical illusion.

According to local media, paramedics came to the station, but could not find the man. 

He was later found by police on a nearby road and identified as Wirachai Nisairam, an unemployed 23-year-old from Buriram in eastern Thailand.

Local people said they had seen him wandering around the area for the past few days.

He is said to have been suffering from depression and had previously self-harmed. 

Mr Nisairam was taken to Phra Jorm Klao Hospital, and found to be uninjured apart from a small cut to the leg. 



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