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Melania Trump Brings People to Their Feet With This Grand Gesture [VIDEO]

Marlana VanHoose, age 20, is not only blind but suffers from cerebral palsy as well.   VanHoose was the featured singer at the National Prayer Service at the National Cathedral.  She delivered a stirring rendition of “How Great Thou Art.”


During her song, Melania’s eyes teared up and after the song, she stood up and gave Marlana a standing ovation and was quickly joinrd by the president.  Soon other attendees were on their feet honoring the velvet toned singer.  It’s hard to imagine anything moving Michelle Obama that was unless it was a group of BLM terrorists burning down a CVS.

After eight years, I am finally proud of our First Lady.  Her beauty is beyond question but her humbleness and grace are the very essence of what we have expected in our First Ladies until Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Donald and Melania have brought the most important thing to the White House that has been missing way too long…God.  During his inauguration speech, Donald Trump mentioned God three times, which drove the liberals and the media absolutely mad.  Next, it needs to be brought back to the schools.  There are no atheists in a foxhole or during a pop quiz in Quantum Physics.

From The US Herald: 

Marlana VanHoose, age 20, is not only blind but suffers from cerebral palsy as well. She didn’t let any of this stop her from delivering an incredible rendition the traditional hymn while standing on the cathedral steps.

Despite being born with these medical conditions VanHoose has managed to achieve success as a singer and has made an impressive career as a singer. She received a great deal of fame from the reactions she got from the Republican National Convention this past summer when she sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Her singing on Saturday was an incredibly moving performance. During her song, Melania Trump was seen visibly wiping tears from her eyes.

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