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Michael Moore: “Women Who Voted for Trump Are ‘Victims’ of Ingrained ‘Misogyny and Sexism” [VIDEO]

Michael Moore told MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid on Sunday that the women who voted for President Donald Trump in November are “victims” of “ingrained” sexism and misogyny.

Moore told Reid about a conversation he had with a female Trump voter some time in the past.

Moore claims the woman — when asked about “the things [Trump] has said” — told him that women “have just learned to take it over the years.”

“‘That’s how my Dad talked, and that’s how my brothers talk,’” Moore continued. “And I just thought, ‘oh geez.’”

“It was such a reminder of just how far we have to go,” he explained. “This election really showed that we’ve ignored the misogyny and the sexism that is so prevalent and so ingrained in the victims.”

“The 46 percent of woman that voted for Trump and the 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump, and that’s, well, says that we’ve got more work to do.”

Source: The Daily Caller

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