Michelle Obama Tweeted Support for Inaugural Boycott – 3%
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Michelle Obama Tweeted Support for Inaugural Boycott

Michelle Obama tweeted out about Martin Luther King and Rep John Lewis, if taken literally is an overt call to boycott Trump’s inauguration.  Personally, I would prefer no liberals show up.


Since the tweet was initialed M.O. it’s pretty clear that the first lady composed that tweet herself.  She is saying that people should follow the example of John Lewis.  Well, John Lewis is acting by boycotting the inauguration.  (an in doing so, greatly increased the average IQ of attendees)




From The Blaze:

Lewis is embroiled in a feud with Trump on Twitter and elsewhere in public after saying Russian meddling had rendered his presidency illegitimate. More than 30 other members of Congress have vowed to follow his example and skip the inaugural.

Just last month, the first lady said that she and President Obama promised to help the new president succeed in office. Prior to that, she appeared to make a veiled jab at Trump in saying times of crisis demanded a “grown-up,” and in an interview with Oprah Winfrey she said that Trump’s electoral victory meant that there was a hopelessness in the country.

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