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Mike Rowe Reads Girl Scout’s Letter, Fans Give Her Overwhelming Surprise [VIDEO]

Millions of people laughed along with Mike Rowe as he read the girl’s letter, but the response that followed has everyone in disbelief.

Mike Rowe’s reading of a Girl Scout’s letter immediately went viral, though the public reaction that is still ongoing is even more amazing. It all started when Rowe received a letter from his friend Sean. The letter was actually written by Sean’s daughter, Charlotte, who wanted to reach out to a “friend who was rich” to help sell more cookies than anyone in her troop.

Rowe read the beginning of the letter in which the young girl starts by telling “Mr. Michelson” who she was, where he had last seen her, and that she was selling boxes of cookies for the troops fighting overseas. She then informs her client that she is from a “minuscule but mighty” girl scout troop of five.

The girl goes on to describe the wonders of each cookie. For instance, she gives the Savannah Smiles cookies a seven for its “divine taste,” and Thin Mint cookies a nine, calling it “inspired.” She’s not very kind to the Toffee-tastic however, calling it a “bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland.”

Watch Rowe’s reading of the letter, below, with his commentary:

Awesome. So, what happened after Rowe posted his reading of the letter? He went on to post the following on his Facebook page:

Ok. I heard from Sean a few hours ago. The site is obviously overwhelmed, and not capable of keeping a running total. Orders are now being processed manually, by Charlotte’s mother. According to Sean, “So I Just checked in with Beth, who is calculating like Bob Crachitt on our kitchen table. Well over 7,000 boxes sold, and almost every single order includes a troop donation. There is no specific breakout of troops vs home delivery, but safe to say that well over 90% of the orders include a donation. People are buying 20, 30, 40 boxes at a time, and the orders keep pouring in. Also, Charlotte woke up this morning, and asked if she was dreaming…”

Hell of a thing, human kindness. I’ll check back later with some more specifics. Thanks – Mike

Way to go, Mike, and way to go, Charlotte!

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