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Mutiny At The State Dept

Many Americans feel that what President Trump has done is precisely what he said he would do on the campaign trail.

In a time when Democrats never met an issue they didn’t politically exploit, it’s only natural to expect party members working in the State Department to rebel against their boss, the POTUS.  Forget that none of them said a word over the last eight years when Obama and Clinton allowed ISIS to grow into the force it is today.  Forget that the Middle East exploded in violence under the previous administration and they did little to nothing to stop it.  We heard not a peep from these same cretins who should be looking for work tomorrow morning.

(As reported by: The Daily Caller)

Members of the Department of State are challenging President Donald Trump’s latest immigration policies.

Trump signed an executive order Friday barring citizens of seven terror-prone, majority-Muslim countries from the U.S. Numerous consular professionals, foreign service officers, and civil servants have since drafted a dissent memo criticizing the order, Lawfare reports.

The order “will not achieve its aim of making our country safer,” the dissenters wrote. “Such a policy runs counter to core American values of nondiscrimination, fair play, and extending a warm welcome to foreign visitors and immigrants.”

“This ban will have little practical effect in improving public safety,” the memo explained, claiming that not only will the the ban “not achieve its stated aim [of protecting] the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States,” but Trump’s order may actually “increase anti-American sentiment” and push people in the affected countries towards radicalization.

The memo advocates “secure borders and open doors.”

Trump asserts that the U.S. must act immediately to tighten control over its borders and better screen those who are coming into the country.


Acknowledging flaws in the visa process, the dissent memo, which was submitted through the Department of State’s Dissent Channel, said Trump should have considered “alternative solutions” to the travel ban.

“There is no question that the visa process can be improved and refined to better detect individuals who intend to exploit the United States immigration laws for malevolent purposes,” the memo read.

The dissenters proposed enhancing “interagency cooperation,” practicing “continuous vetting for all visa holders” for people of all nationalities, including those who hold “friendly or even U.S. passports,” and utilizing overseas resources for intelligence on possible threats.

“We do not need a blanket ban that keeps 220 million people from entering the United States to protect our homeland,” the dissenters argued. “It is well within our reach to create a visa process which is more secure, which reflect our American values, and which would make the Department proud.”

Memos submitted to the Dissent Channel must receive a meaningful response within 30-60 days.

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