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Obama And Michelle Will Fly On Air Force One For The Last Time After The Inaguration

President Obama plans on taking one more flight on Air Force One after Donald Trump’s inauguration, White House press secretary Josh Earnest announced Monday.

As is tradition, outgoing presidents are generally allowed one final flight on the famous aircraft. President George W. Bush’s last ride was a trip to Midland, Texas, with his wife after Obama was sworn in.

Technically, when Obama flies on board the plane after inauguration, it isn’t considered Air Force One. That designation is reserved for the plane when a sitting president is on board.

Earnest didn’t reveal where Obama and the first lady would be going, but he did confirm the two plan on leaving Washington D.C. for a bit.

The president has promised his wife a nice vacation after stepping down.

“What I do know is, is that I have to take Michelle on vacation,” Obama said during a Nov. 21 news conference in Peru.

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