Picture Of Woman Makes It Look Like She Is ‘Hung Like An Elephant’

Is it the shadows from one of her legs falling on her knee that makes this so freakish?

This girl is fit as can be and has smooth skin with no wrinkles. It is likely a combination of the lighting and the way she is standing, with one leg straight and the other bent, that causes her to look as if she has something hanging all the way to her knees.

It does look completely real, doesn’t it? Elephants everywhere are certain to be jealous! Take a look:


Here it is again with a bit of zoom. No doubt, that shadow is what did it.


Poor girl. She looks lovely as can be and now this photo hit the Internet and went wild. Hopefully she will have a sense of humor about it.

Photos can go viral for a number of reasons. For example, some girls take photos that are intentionally provocative. UFC Star Lindsey Pelas has an amazing social media presence. Consider her recent work from Snapchat and Instagram:

There is also the case of this breast-feeding yoga mom. Something about the combination of her two habits makes her images especially appealing to the masses. She is also incredibly athletic. Many of these yoga poses look superhuman!

The Hottest Breast-Feeding Yoga Mom On The Face Of The Earth

This photographer set up an optical illusion intentionally, using a couple’s maternity photos to go viral. It is a brilliant idea and is likely to become the next trend among expecting couples. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram, as you can expect to be overrun with photos using this same concept soon.

What did we do with our time before the Internet was available?




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