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Police Make Horrifying Discovery After Seeing Who Walked Into Store ALONE [VIDEO]

It’s not uncommon for small children to wander off in public places and get lost. There is a good chance that you’ve been in a similar position as a parent or a child, when you’ve looked up in a busy store and realized that your child has disappeared or that you yourself have lost your parent or a friend that you were with. Adults have the luxury of using a cell phone to track their lost friends or spouses down, but what happens when a child goes missing?

Recently there was a young child who wandered to a bus stop and took the bus through town for a few stops before she was recognized. And while incidents like this happen all the time, it is horribly frightening for both the parent and the child.

Surveillance camera footage in Detroit is gaining a lot of attention these days, as it captured one little boy wandering up to a gas station all by himself. Not only was he alone, but it was dark, cold and he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

The boy is seen in the video walking up to the gas station across from the Detroit City Airport at just 4:30 in the morning. He tries to open the door, but he struggles because he is so small. When he finally managed to get the heavy door open, he immediately went up to the store clerk. He told the clerk that he didn’t know where his mom was and that he was cold. One kind customer brought him a blanket. He then asked for candy and the clerk gave him a snack.

So, what happened to mom?

Evidently, mom was in the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex where they lived, talking to a friend when the boy woke up. Since he couldn’t find his mom in the house, the boy decided to go out and look for her. The major problem was the fact that he went out the apartment complex doors that led to the busy street, opposite of the parking lot and exit where his mom was.

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